Christmas Program

How It Works

Rushing down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what is waiting under the tree is truly one of the joys of childhood. Unfortunately it is a joy that so many children in this area will not experience. Imagine waking to no gifts on Christmas morning.​

Like our school supply program, the Adopt-A-Student Christmas program focuses on individual children from homeless shelters and housing programs in area cities

The shelters provide us with a list of their children including an ID number, age, gender, clothing size and a wish list of items they would like for Christmas. 

When you "adopt" a child for Christmas you are provided with all of the above information and then it's time to go shopping! The Christmas program offers a little more flexibility than the supply program - what you purchase is up to you. While you are not obligated to every item on the wish list, you are not restricted to it either. Some lists are short, some are longer. Some of them ask for only one item that is super expensive! You may have a great idea for a gift that is not included on the list! Most of our donors seem to do a mix of clothing and gifts, and many cover every item on the child's list. Remember what you contribute to a child in our program will most likely be the only gifts that child has to open Christmas morning.

Once you have finished shopping, pack all of the new, unwrapped items together in a bag or box, mark with the ID number and deliver to the designated shelter office.

Gifts for a teenage boy contributed by ALT Games