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 ​Bay Colony Garden Club (Virginia Beach)

 ​Christine Butler

 ​Jill and Tony Garrison

 ​Kitty and Bob Vollbrecht


 ​Leslie and Michael Taber

 ​Retired Virginia Beach City Teacher and mom

 ​Shelronda Nelson

 ​Sonia McCleary

 Andrew, Holly, Cara and Reese Martin

 Arthur and Nancy Meyers

 Colonna Down River Division- Colonna’s QA Department

 Craig & Kimberly Warren

 Desiree Price

 Flowserve Corporaton

 Harris Connect LLC

 Jacqueline C. Williams, 5Linx Independent ​Marketing Representative

 Malvin, Riggins & Company, P.C.

 Mark Richardson

 Procurement Services & Design & Construction from

 Ripley Heatwole Corporation

​Acoustical Sheetmetal Incorporated

​Alexis Majied

​Amberley G. Hammer

​Amy and Olivia Sandoval

​Andy Stein

​Arlene Meilich

​Barbara Hamm Lee, Host/Executive Producer, Another View, 89.5 FM WHVR-FM

​Bertini & Hammer, PC

Ben H. Downing and Maggie Brydges

​Beverly Mallard

​Bonnie J. Purefoy

​Brandy Clinton

​Cassy Peffley

​Cathy and Gary Huband

​Cathy McDermott

​Charlene Cerza

​Covel Family Services

​Craig & Pat Johnson

Danielle Brantley

​Danielle Johnson

​Debbie Blankman

Deb and Dave Oleberg

Demetrios Niapas

​Diane Osborne Yates

​Elyse McCune

​First Norfolk Baptist Church

​Flowers Baking Company of Norfolk, LLC

​Gloria A. Jones

​GVI, Inc.

​Haley & Davis

​Hampton Roads Church

​Harris Connect

​In Memory of Linda Mayer Gissen

​Jay Abalos​

​Joe Noland

​Joy Henderson

​Juanita Smiley

​Larrymore Organization

​Laura & John G. Morgan

​Linda Travers

​Marsha M. Tucker

Meredith Byrum

​Michelle Parker

​Mike Burke

​Old Dominion University

​Pamela Wildermuth

​Quality Community Supports

​Renee Wampler

​Robert & Tammy Williams

​Roger and Ann Bolen

​Service Disabled Contracting Group, Inc.

​Shannon Coker

​Surface Technologies Corporation

​Susan Kemnitzer

​Tamar C. Ledbetter

​The Bradlee Family

​The Bruggemann Family

​The Collenberg Family

​The Convery Family

​Top Notch Brick & Block Masonry, Inc.

​Union First Market Bank

​Vanessa & John Szajnoga

​VHB, Inc.

​Vickie M. Gumbleton in Memory of Mary S. Mitchell

​Virginia Beach Oceanside Lion’s Club


​Yolanda Johnson

​Zoby, Broccoletti & Normile, P.C.

Adaptive Aerospace Group, Inc

Alana Babcock

Alden Eldredge

Alexis M., Coryn S., and Reese S.

Allison Crepeau

Allison Crepeau / Andrew Best

Alpha & Omega Repair, Inc.

Amanda & Justin Nelson

Amanda and Justin Nelson

Amanda Howie

Amanda Rice

Andra Wilson

Andy Ramlatchen

Ann Ashworth

Ann Technologies Inc.

Arminda Israel

Association Builders LLC

Atomic Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

Auburn Place Apartments Team

Avis Budget Group

AVW Technologies

B.Cullen Gibson in honor of J. Hume Taylor, Jr. who was a great friend of ForKids

Barbara and Frank Wiegand

Bayshore Concrete Products, Chesapeake

BBB of Greater Hampton Roads

BECO Construction

Betty Howes

Blue Force Inc.

Bob and Tess Bradlee

Bonita & Leonard Treadway

Bonnie Streetz

Brad & Kay Phillips

Brandon Thompson

Breanna Hegamin

Brenda, Wayne and Carter Miller

Broad Bay Title, Ltd.

Bunting Capital Management, Inc.

Busch LLC

Carla Lindermann

Carrie & Gary Lauck

CDR & Mrs. Bill Brody

Chad Knapp/AFLAC

Charlie & Melanie Hostetler

Chiquita McDowell

Ciara Clark and Sam Jenkins

Cindy Sanborn

Colleen & Mike Jakubowski

Colonna’s Shipyard, in Memory of Carl Denney

Colonna’s Shipyard’s Voluntary Contribution

Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.

Cornerstone Systems

Courtney Harris

Dan Ruby

David Duncan

David Sparks

Debbie and Leigh Striffler

Denise Dodson

Downtown 100

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Frost

Dr. Jana Macias

Dr. Madhu Kolli and Dr. Swarna Manian

Dreamlawns, LLC

DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Elizabeth O'Parka

Elizabeth Scheessele

Eloise Bull

Employees of Land ‘N’ Sea Distributing

Eric Haughton

Eric Loescher

Eric Patterson

Erin & Sid Velandy

Erin & Wes Sams

Fanevil Inc.

Felicia Heisterkamp

Frances Mateer

Franklin Crump, Gfc Catering

Frederic Bishop

Friends at Issues & Answers

Fulton Bank


George & Kathy DeShazor

Gordon & Sybill Wheatley

Gordon D’Angelo

Gordon Moore, Just Call Home, Inc

Hammer Law

Hampton Roads Chapter of Virginia Women Attorneys Association

Hampton Roads Promotional Products

Harbour Breeze Apartments Team

Hiller Systems

HomePro Pest Control

Honeydew Services

Hunter’s Mill Apartments Team

In Honor of Susan T Bernard

In Memory of Elizabeth Williams

Isabelle H. Wilkinson

Jack & Maryann Desmond

Jackee Leland

Jackie Ferguson, Retired Teacher, 32 Years of Service

Jane & Henry Vick

Janelle Burchfield

Jannelle Logan

Jason’s Deli

Jeanie Parr

Jeanne Keeley

Joe Terranova

John and Kathy Cunningham

Jonathan Graves

Joseph & Yamika Bennett

Joseph Terranova

Judy Imdahl, Strickland and Jones, P.C.

Kalfus & Nachman, PC

Kathty Cloutier

Kathy Katsias

Kelly Tellefsen

Ken Turner

Kendall Korte

Kenneth D. Ward

Kevin Briggs, SPHR

Kim Caprio

King’s Grant Divas, a Red Hat Group

Labahn & C. McGinley

Land and Reed families

Laura Valensisi

Leslie Tater

LEVOC Family Services

Life in Christ, Inc.

Lily Howard

Lisa B. Kirkman

Lisa Gilbert

LisaDeCoste, Vice President StellarOne Bank

Liz Scheessele

Lunch Bunch Ladies

Lyall Design Architects

Lynne Henley

Mad Science of Hampton Roads

Maida Tipping

ManTech International Corporation

Mary Beth & Bob Kirby

Mary Reid & Kelly Flanagan

Mary-Ann C. Palmer

Matthew and Lisa Hales

Maureen McElfresh

McGuire Woods LLP

McPhillips Roberts & Deans

Melissa Taylor

Melody Walker

Michael A. Westfield

Michelle Parker

Michelle Toro

MidAtlantic Women’s Care, PLC

Mike & Maureen Meloche

Mike Mannen

Miller Oil and Employees

Millie Jolley

Miriam Petrushak

Missy Hespenhide

Mollie Jolley

MPAC: Hebron Cornerstone Church International

Navy Wives Club of America, Inc. Princess Anne #143

Neil & Geri Desmond

Nichole Stillman

Norfolk Sunrise Rotary Club

Norris & St. Clair

ODU Interdisciplinary Studies, Teacher Preparation Program

Old Navy, Lynnhaven Mall

Organization Management Group

Ovelton Malone

Pamela Withham and the Redmill Landing Apartment team

Pat Henderson

Pat McAbee

Patricia Greer

Paul Bratton

Paul’s Pressure Washing

PMS Deli

Prosperity Mortgage

Ray Powell

Rebecca Dunham

Renee Byfield

Renee Johnson

Renee Wampler

Retired Teacher, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Robert & Lisa Lawson

Robin L. Carpenter

Robin Simmons/Inside Business

Ron & Dotty Talbot

Rose Harrill

Ruth Cole

Sally Pattison-Cisna

Samuel & Sarah Brooks

Scott Sorensen

Seyed & Linda Mortazavi

Shirley Santiago, CFO, Tri-City Communications

SHOES, Sisters Honoring Obliging Empowering Sisters

Sofia Savargn

Spring Menders, Inc

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Stacy Viles

Staff of Breit, Drescher, Imprevento & Walker, PC

Stihl, Inc.

Sunshine Smiles, A Kids Spa

Susan & Howard Collins

Susan Tower

Sussex Development Corporation

T.S. Boone

Tamar & Jazmonae Ledbetter

Tamara Jordan

Tammie Mullins-Rice

Tara Corrigall

Terri & Cliff Creek

Terri Boone

The Andre Marquez Architects Family

The Attorneys and Staff of LeClair Ryan

The Bertucci Family

The Commons at Town Center Team

The Convergy Family

The Cooper Law Firm. P.C.

The Feggans Family

The Graves Girls

The Jensen Family

The Martin Family (Andrew, Holly, Cara & Reese Martin)

The Nilsson Family

The Pendarvis Family

The Priest Family

The Villages of Stoney Run Apartments

Tidewater Family

Tiffany Brannon

Timmons Group

Union Bank / Trust

Vendetta Y. Reynolds

Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office – Courtney Craft

Virginia Equipment & Development, Inc

Virginia Independent Automobile Dealer Association - District 1

Virginia Women Attorneys Association

Vivian J. Paige

VWAA Hampton Roads

Waller, Todd and Sadler Architects

William J. Brunke, CPA

Woman Care Centers, PLC

Woodlawn Funeral Home

Woodlawn Memorial Gardens

WTPC Trinity Broadcasting Network


Young's Wallpaper Co.

​And many, many others who wish to remain anonymous