"Thanks again for all that you do for our Virginia Beach students.  Participating in Adopt-A- Student is an annual highlight for my husband and I.  We love knowing the direct impact that our efforts are making on an underprivileged child in our area.  You obviously care very much and we thank you for always keeping us up to date with emails and information.  Your program not only helps these awesome kids, but it helps us feel great about being a part of this community.  The efforts of Adopt-A-Student are far reaching and impactful.  Setting up a child for educational success is a gift that will never stop giving."

Looking forward to the Christmas program,

​Carrie and Gary Lauck

"I would like to say that I think this is a wonderful thing that they do each year to help all kids in need. I really couldn’t afford to do it but felt the need to rearrange some financial things so I could Bless a child with the supplies they needed to go back to school. This not only made them happy but me as well. I always find myself putting other people first and when it comes to the kids I love doing it."  

​Jonnie Lynn

"Trinity Broadcasting Network had the privilege of participating in the Adopt-A-Student program through the For Kids organization. Our employees greatly enjoyed adding a few extra items to their school supply list in order to fill the backpacks. It was an invaluable experience to know that we were playing a small role in helping the children of Hampton Roads begin the new school year on the right foot. Cultivating the interest and importance of education is vital to the development of our children as they grow from kindergarten through high school. We look forward to participating in this program again next year!"

--WTPC TV21 Trinity Broadcasting Network Virginia Beach  

"Adopt-A-Student – What a terrific program!  First of all, hats off to Jessica Desmond at Image Services Staffing for the superb job in organizing this effort on top of her regular daily responsibilities. I first read about the program through an article published in the Virginian Pilot Beacon in the summer of 2013. Both my Mother and Father were educators and extremely dedicated to their students, often reaching into their own pockets to help a student in need.  Buying school supplies was always an exciting time for me as a child and it was even more exciting to help my son experience the joy of new supplies for the first day of school in his early years. The Adopt-A-Student Program gave me the opportunity to honor my parents, relive the happy experience of shopping for supplies, while most importantly, helping a student to be ready for another exciting school year.   The idea took off throughout my company’s Hampton Roads locations this summer, and we were able to support 25 children. Go AMSEC !!"

​Vickie Mitchell Gumbleton

"We call ourselves “Team Wicked” in the spirit of the Broadway Play.  The prime mover of our team of four was, initially, going to participate in the Adopt-A-Student program by herself, but thought to ask some other friends to join in.  At first we were going to assemble 3 backpacks, but we had such a great time working on the project together that we ended up assembling 7 backpacks.  We tagged on a lunch outing together on our way back from picking up the supplies! 

All of our children are in college or grown.  Unexpectedly, while participating in the Adopt-A-Student project, we found ourselves re-experiencing the fun of back-to-school shopping without the stress.  

The feeling of participating in the program embodied the universal impact of the joy in giving to others.  We have more friends who want to join us next year."

"My daughter and I have been participating in the Adopt-A-Student and the Christmas program with Image Staffing Services.

My daughter is now 14 years old and I believe she is a much better person being actively involved in the programs for so many years.

We look at the list, the wishes and make our "game plan" every year. The best of course is Christmas!!  We bargain shop and get the most for our money which instills in her that hard work can pay off.  I also personalize it by asking her what she thinks about the boy and/or girl we're buying for and how what we are doing will make them feel come Christmas morning.  She's very particular about what we buy as she's envisioning them opening their gifts and really wants them to be happy (if it's not cool, we don't buy regardless of the bargain!).

​The school supply shopping is fun as well.  We talk about what we think the child would like for a back pack first (it's all about the back pack and couldn't imagine a child going to the first day of school, who is living in a shelter, and not having a shiny new back pack filled with supplies like the rest of the kids)!  Again, we bargain hunt for all the supplies and plan our stores, supplies needed and days we go.  After shopping, she matches the lists to the back packs and loads them so she participates 100%!

It's a great mom and daughter bonding experience.

Please participate, it won't disappoint!!

In closing, I want to acknowledge the owner of Image Staffing Service, Cheryl Youngs.  She's an incredible humanitarian as she donates her employees time to make these programs happen.  They are VERY time consuming and Jessica Desmond, Program Director, does such a phenomenal job coordinating and expediting to a very large group of kids (this year over 700 kids were in the Adopt-A-Student Program alone)."

​Thank you both from Debbie and Leigh Striffler